My first obstacle race was in May of 2013 in Burnett, Texas, the Austin Spartan Sprint. But let's take it back a few years to 2011. In January 2011 I had a new years resolution to get in shape, you know eat better and exercise regularly. It started out great. In 2011 I lost close to 40 lbs by quitting sodas and doing P90X everyday for 30 days and eating less junk food. I only made it to day 30 of the 90 day program though, but my diet had improved a lot. However, by the holidays I was eating anything and everything again. Same story the next January except this time I made it 60 days into P90X. Hey, that's twice as long! And off and on through out the year I would also attend my sister's-in-law boot camp. But, this same year I also picked up an even worse habit than sodas: sugar-free energy drinks! In November of 2012 some of my friends and family took a group to do a tough mudder. I had heard of it before but didn't know any one who had done it. I think hearing their stories from the event was the seed for where I'm at now. So January 2013 rolls around and I decidethis is the year. My 30th birthday was only eight months away. I wanted to be the best me I could accretive by thirty. So I began talking about signing up for an obstacle race that I heard about where they time you and penalize you with burpees, whatever that is, for not completing obstacles. That sounded more intense to me than tough mudder. Enter Spartan Race. So I get signed up and decide I don't want to waste $150 or look like a fool come race day so I start training. I think it's important that I stop and tell you that before February of 2013 not only was I not a runner but I hated even the idea of running. Go to a gym? Sure. RUN?! Not a chance!

So I started with a mile. I would alternate doing P90X and running a mile every day. By March I had bumped it up to 3 miles. I still remember the first time I ran three miles without stopping. I thought I was going to die and loved it all at the same time.